Updated List of 4 Letter Words to Include First 5 Letter Word

Compilers of the annually updated list of four-letter words, yielding to popular demand, have announced the inclusion for the first time of a word with more than four letters. We’ve agreed not to reveal the word in order to avoid having our security clearance revoked, but well-placed sources say that it will be included on the 2019 list, and provided the following versified clue. It’s been noted that the clue itself is overly broad, but we’re counting on the subject-not-the-target of the word to be distracted by the “broad,” and limited enough in reading skills to delay his deciphering for months.

It starts with a T

which rhymes with a d

and that’s the first letter of dumb

d rhymes with P

last letter, you see:

start with T end with P then add RUM

The inaugural Queens (NY) Manual of Style indicates that the new five-letter-four-letter word should ALWAYS be printed with ALL CAPS, or replaced with the following BOLDED grawlix:

                           # #$@&%