New! Improved!! Translation of the Korean Neulg-dali-michigwang-i

Apparently, we get closer to the spirit of Kim Jong Un’s schoolyard insult (from back when his relationship with the UnPresident was in the meet cute phase) not with the archaic dotard, but with old lunatic. 

(BTW Gangster is 갱 단원)

I guess little Rocket Man knows an easy mark when he sees one…Up in the sky! It’s a bird!? It’s a plane!? No, it’s an “effin’ embarrasskin’ effigy,” says Popeye the Sailor Man.

a giant baby donald trump balloon will fly over london during the president's UK visit

Now’s the time of our show, friends and neighbors, when we dig the Online Etymology Dictionary:

effigy (n.) 

“image of a person,” 1530s, from Middle French effigie (13c.), from Latin effigies “copy or imitation of something, likeness, image, statue,” from or related to effingere “to mold, fashion, portray,” from assimilated form of ex “out” (see ex-) + fingere “to form, shape” (from PIE root *dheigh- “to form, build”).

Most world leaders, of course, are at one time or another effigized, but is it wrong for a patriotic (heartily resisting) American to find this one especially embarrassing? After all, what kind of self-respecting gangster overflies his public in a diaper?

There’s also a verisimilitude issue I’d like to raise. (Some Readers may find the following evocation disturbing.)

Does anybody really think that a diaper worn by this particular dude would be that clean?