Stormy Monday

Maybe I could get you to listen to it right away if I called it “the greatest guitar solo of all time.”

But music, despite all the You Tube tags to the contrary, is not the 100 meter dash, and isn’t well-served by your silly rankings or mine. It doesn’t even matter all that much that the double album that includes it is commonly included on lists of greatest live recordings.¬† I hope, though, that¬† you’ll find 10 minutes to dig Maestro Skydog and the band Live At Fillmore East.

Ever notice how the heat produced on the stove is different from that made by the microwave? THAT guitar solo is heated on the stove, and is not the result of a short-term molecular excitation. It has gotten hot, and it is hot, and it stays hot. One of the things I like most is the appreciation expressed by the listeners; we’re able to hear the response to Duane’s first fill, and to my ear, it sounds like maybe an amateur player, and he seems to know exactly how tasty it is.

Oh wait! I’m sorry if you saw that title Stormy Monday and thought I was going to have something to say about the raid on the fixer’s office.

But I’m kinda weary of it. Think I’ll listen to Whipping Post now.